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Builders of future homes have an eye towards new technology and energy savings. When we talk of looking into the future, we are not just talking sci-fi movies, but a whole concept and application of ideas to a project so that it can still be functional decades later.

Building homes is no exception to this, and with one eye on implementing the latest technologies into home design and construction, and the other on developing an energy efficient system, future home builders are constantly looking for that magic formula that has the best of both worlds.

The requirement of any home, from the architect's standpoint, is simple which means to build a secure and safe dwelling. Future home builders have to add energy efficiency and automation to this equation. As such, it is no surprise that the latest architectural designs stress upon modular concepts rather than expansive ones. Therefore, the ultimate aim of any future home is take all the available ideas of energy conservation and apply it in a way that does not make it look conservative, but rather gives it a functional feel.

Light Weight Building Materials and Solar Technology

The materials used for building homes have seen rapid developments form the new age bricks that can insulate to light weight yet sturdy materials that are earth quake resistant. Solar technology is another aspect that takes into account that sunlight can be directed in ways as to bring about certain functionalities like energy efficient exhaust systems like the solar chimneys or the HVAC through a hybrid of solar energy and geothermal energy.

Passive solar elements can also be in the form of south facing windows or thermally insulating inner linings. Apart from all this, there are green standards that need to be followed so that minimum carbon footprint is produced.

Alternative Energy Methods

Most "future ready" builders are moving away from the standard use of grid based electricity and into the realms of domestic power production from hybrid systems that include solar panels, wind turbines, magnetic motors, hydrogen fuel cells and other methods of power and conservation.

By using a concept known as Smart Grid technology, future home builders are looking to offset the pre-conceived balance of total dependence on grid based electricity towards a greener and cheaper solar or wind power. In some cases, people have installed systems that generate all the electricity they need by using these technologies, and only rely on the grid as a back up. Some people actually sell extra electricity back to the grid for a profit.

Smart Security

From the conventional lock and key systems, future home builders are venturing into the more sophisticated security standards like biometric systems and advanced face recognition systems. While these were just concepts in the past, today, they are as much a part of reality.

The security is further cranked up few notches by installing integrated CCTV cameras and signaling systems that can read movements, thermal images and store it in a database.

Home Automation

From lights to bathroom fittings, everything can be automated and remotely sensed. What does this mean? Well, simply put, you can get all the vital statistics of your home just by logging on a secure account online or cell phone and can actually control them. So, no more leaving the lights on, the stove on or the tap water running as home automation allows you to switch on or off an appliance from virtually anywhere on the planet.

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