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Future homes will soon introduce themselves as smart, productive houses, which will be energy efficient, well-groomed and hi-tech in nature. With the ever increasing demand for energy and the rising costs of generating this energy, future homes will now lay path for conservation and regeneration of electricity. Age-old appliances like window air conditioners will be a thing of the past.

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Renewable home energy technology will come in the foray, making the most of natural resources like wind and sun to make homes their own power generation stations.

The initial costs of the equipment might be high but it will pay off multi-fold in the long run (and because of economies of scale in production, prices for renewable home energy will come down significantly as well).

Eco friendly materials like bamboo, straw and soil, instead of synthetic materials will be in vogue. Solar energy, wind turbines, hydrogen fuel cells, etc., will be energy powerhouses required by these smart hi tech, future homes. More effort will be invested in designing green houses for high energy efficiency rather than working on aesthetics.

Future homes will symbolize colonies with robust technical interconnectivity. Smart homes in the neighbourhood and community at large will be connected via the Internet and will communicate automatically in a pre-programmed manner with super markets and service agencies.

These future homes will drift farther away from crowded city lines but will nevertheless be able to communicate to the cities through their advanced connectivity. Security systems will be highly evolved and will be controlled by the keys on the cellular phones with advanced encryption.

Happening Now ...

Cell phones and home security cameras will not only be able to take pictures but be loaded with facial recognition software as well. Today, (not in the future), search giant Google has rolled out software for people with cell phones to take pictures of store fronts and get the history of the building.

Most of the appliances like refrigerators, microwave ovens, food processors, etc., will be interlinked and will work smartly. The storages in the kitchen will be programmed for desired stock levels of bread, vegetables, grains, etc and will automatically trigger an order to the local super market if the stock levels deplete to minimum.

Future homes will also keep track of the expiration dates of food items and prescription medicine and will set off alarms in order to get them discarded or automatically refilled. In the near future, some cooking chores will become a thing of the past where machines which will toss your favorite salad or bake for you, your favorite bread with pre-designed recipes.

This will still require some upfront setup on your part, however. Technology in the future smart home will also require some upfront setup in order to thereafter work automatically and self-monitor.
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Carpets, flooring, furniture and linens will all be efficient at cleaning themselves or there will be vacuum cleaners which operate independently at their specific times (advanced models of those robotic ones already available). Most of these appliances will operate on speech recognition systems providing maximum comfort beyond imagination.

The most important makeover will be with the advent of nanotechnology and robotics. From Nano utensils that would get cleaned automatically after use to Nano paints which will adorn the homes, Nano products would actually signify a transformational technology.

Through the use of nanotechnology, robotics and automation, you could in-fact even change the colors of your walls depending on what appeals to your eyes each day or matching the flowers in your vase, or trying out different looks that you've seen in an online home decor magazine. Nanotechnology will bring the most radical shift in the way we perceive things being done.

Do the Chores, Robot!

Robotics will also simplify lives in future homes, doing chores automatically without repeating one's desires. The downside is that children will need to be given different chores to do as part of their education in taking on ever increasing levels of responsibility around the house.

In all, future homes will be more about comfort, convenience, energy efficiency, automation and communication that will be introduced by the super intelligent, technological advancements. Man's urge for added comfort, power, time-saving, security and scintillating experiments by his creative brain, will bring himself the most advanced future homes, making today's houses nothing but primitive caves by comparison. People will still question out loud, however, "How did we ever live without that?"

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